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Traffic Law

Traffic Tickets

Typically, people find themselves being charged with speeding tickets, stop sign violations, or other moving violations. At the Eichberg Law Office, LLC, we work hard to obtain a result that keeps traffic tickets off of the client’s driving record, and to avoid adding points to the client’s license. In most cases the court will ask for a higher fine, driving school, probation, or court supervision.

Alcohol Offenses

The public, more and more, demands harsher punishment for drunk driving offenses. This may consist of license suspension, revocation or even jail time for convicted offenders. It is important to hire a firm that understands these complex laws and can use this knowledge to the client’s advantage when the client’s license and/or liberty is at stake. If you, or someone you know has recently been charged with driving while intoxicated or under the influence, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately.